Oregon Battle of the Books at Springville

All things OBOB for Springville K-8

Congratulations to All of Our Great Readers!

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Kudos to our many teams who read and read and read. No one gets into an elite college because they won their school OBOB competition. There are no scholarships, no trophies, not even any gold stars for winning. The win or loss is gone as soon as it is over. But a life-long love of reading, an appreciation of new genres, an ability to read for information, collaboration skills, responsibility, perseverance, integrity and compassion are powerful outcomes far more meaningful than even the tallest trophy. To each one of our 300 participating readers who came away with more than wins and losses this year, I salute you.

Hats off to our grade-level champions Book Bots (5th), Sparkle Readers (4th), and Golden Exterminators (3rd). Golden Exterminators will represent Springville in the 3-5 Division of OBOB Regional Battles March 11 at Health and Science School. The Great Golden Griffins will represent our Middle School in the 6-8 Division March 18 at Thomas Fowler Middle School. Good luck to you all!

Author: Tammy Fry

I am the mother of four great kids, the Coordinator of OBOB at Springville K-8, an enthusiastic school volunteer, a former full-time teacher and an avid reader!

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