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Zombie Baseball Beatdown

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Zombie Baseball Beatdown by Paolo Bacigalupi

There are zombies, there is baseball, and there is even a zombie baseball beatdown. But there’s also bullying, racism, deportation, corporate greed, factory farms, and food safety (or unsafety) and, of course, BRRAAAAAAAAAAIINNSS!

Zombie Baseball Beatdown is the story of Rabi (Rabindranath Chatterjee-Jones), Miguel, and Joe, three friends from vastly different backgrounds who live and play baseball in a small town in Iowa. Milrow Meat Solutions, the local meat-packing plant, provides most of the jobs in town and supplies beef to seven neighboring states. The company also pumps its cows full of drugs, stuffs them full of chicken bones and scraps, and keeps them boxed in like sardines in their own waste. Is it any surprise that the result is zombie cows? It’s up to Rabi and his friends to save their town from the zombie apocalypse and to stop shipment of the zombie beef across the midwest. Suspenseful, thought-provoking and really funny. Also, zombies!

Author: Tammy Fry

I am the mother of four great kids, the Coordinator of OBOB at Springville K-8, an enthusiastic school volunteer, a former full-time teacher and an avid reader!

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