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Unfriended by Rachel Vail

This is a classic friendship/unfriendship tale of a bully hiding behind a mask of innocence while systematically manipulating everyone around her and stirring up trouble everywhere she goes. Mean girls are a thing, unfortunately, and Natasha is quintessential nasty. The story is told from the point of view of several different girls in the clique as well as a few of the boys they hang with (who are understandably befuddled by the girls’ emotional and erratic behavior) and uses a variety of writing styles including straight-forward story telling, text messages, and social media posts to move the plot along. It’s pretty scary just how quickly Facebook, Instagram and Snapshot can fan the flames of age-old cliquey-ness until there’s a raging inferno, but at the bottom of it all there’s still just insecure kids being awful to each other. The question is, how will the nice kids ever navigate their way through it?

Author: Tammy Fry

I am the mother of four great kids, the Coordinator of OBOB at Springville K-8, an enthusiastic school volunteer, a former full-time teacher and an avid reader!

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