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OBOB Delay

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The State OBOB Question Chair has experienced a delay in sending questions to participating schools. As a result, our battles (and battles at every school) are on hold until questions arrive. I discussed the situation with the students who came for battles today. I told them to plan on battles tomorrow unless they are told otherwise by a responsible school adult. If I receive the questions by 8:00 am, we will battle.  I will send an email to teachers in the morning notifying them of the status of tomorrow’s battles. The posted schedule will remain in effect and any cancelled battles will be rescheduled for a future date rather than shifting the entire schedule.
A note about weather: in the case of late start or early dismissal, we will still battle.  As long as there is lunch recess there will be battles (once I get those darn questions, that is).
Thank you for your patience and support.

Author: Tammy Fry

I am the mother of four great kids, the Coordinator of OBOB at Springville K-8, an enthusiastic school volunteer, a former full-time teacher and an avid reader!

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